The Gypsy Council has set up a  Facebook group to help people respond to the government’s Planning for Traveller Sites consultation. It is vital that Gypsies and Travellers make sure their voices heard in this consultation. The Gypsy Council says:
“This is a draft policy for the Government outlining proposed changes to the way planning for Gypsy and Traveller sites are passed in England.
It wants to give the decision making power to local powers – this is known as  ‘Localism’ – which is likely to be BAD news for Gypsies and Travellers in the UK who already find it difficult to get sites passed under the current system.

It also proposes changes to the way Gypsy and Travellers are defined by the planning system.

The outcome of this policy will decide how future sites are passed.

If we as a community fail to act, and fail to reply with a large voice, we will be left in an even worse situation – with fewer sites getting passed.  Although this policy will only apply in England it will affect Gypsies and Travellers across the UK as fewer sites in England will likely mean a higher demand elsewhere.”