We are currently seeking a development grant to expand our work with Gypsies & Travellers in Cornwall into Devon.

We’d like to provide 4 part-time staff to provide outreach support & advocacy with health, education & welfare needs, as well as any other issues that affect community members.

Our projects are always developed with communities to meet their needs & wishes; we always build in elements of codesign such as steering groups and many opportunities to become involved in our projects, such as an active volunteer & training programme.

We intend using the Playbus for visiting Gypsy &Traveller communities in Devon, to provide play opportunities for preschool children,  particularly those who are more isolated.

We are seeking to develop partnerships across Devon with a wide range of agencies including councils & police to better support these communities, as well as to be active members of forums which work towards best practice agreed protocols when working with Gypsies & Travellers.

We wish to provide training & workshops to help agencies better understand the needs of the communities.