Month: September 2011

Gypsy and Traveller Site Grant Spent On Homes For Other People

“Millions of pounds intended for new Gypsy and Traveller sites have been diverted to other projects, a move described as shocking by the Equality and Human Rights Commission….

Women of Wheal Jewel

Gypsy women from Wheal Jewel, near Camborne, Cornwall talk about their lives in this short radio piece recorded by student Kirstie Christopher.

Cornwall Council’s Bid for £1.5m for Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation

Cornwall Council has bid for £1.5 million to solve the problems faced by Gypsies and Travellers who have no legal place to call home or to temporarily stop…

Luton Council to Evict Dale Farm Refugees

Around 20 caravans from the disputed site in Basildon, Essex have pitched up at Stockwood Park in Bedfordshire and it is thought more could be on their way….

Homes and Community Agency Continue to Offer Solution for Dale Farm Travellers

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) today said it would continue to offer ‘land and investment’ to resettle Dale Farm residents – but that it could only find…

Hatred and Hypocrisy

 “Institutional racism was defined by the Stephen Lawrence report as “collective failure of an organisation to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour,…

Gypsy Site for Development in Plymouth

Gypsy Sites For Development – Plymouth Plymouth City Council would like to hear from organisations or individuals who would be interested in acquiring a 99 year lease for…

Basildon Council Names The Day

Basildon Council has confirmed the Dale Farm eviction will start on the 19th September. Dale Farm press release: The date for the £18 million eviction of Dale Farm,…