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Building Futures

Come and help us by volunteering at the centre or in the community. We need you to help set up a residents group. We can help you find…

Fairy Garden 2022

Young people at TravellerSpace helped create a lovely fairy garden for the center to enjoy. They decorated fairy caravans and planted flowers for the children to have a…

20 Years of TravellerSpace!

Have a look at our report to see what’s changed since 2002

New for 2022

New for 2020

Some photos of what’s been happening this year

Award-winning Midwifery project in 2019

Celebrating the launch of the flagship Midwifery project with St Day Gypsy & Traveller women This week at the Teyluva Centre in St Day, Gypsy & Traveller Women…

Improvements to the Teyluva Centre

Many thanks to Nick, Karen, Kayleigh, Vicky, Canenisha and Hazel for all their hard work, painting, gardening, and carrying out essential repairs – Watch this space to see…

The Teyluva Centre

“This is the only thing that makes us feel part of the community. We don’t see no-one else. If this was taken, where would we go, who would…

Here is a link to our Time Travellers project

Travellerspace Heritage