The Nazis killed between a quarter and a third of all Gypsies living in Europe

No Gypsy people were called to give evidence at the Nuremburg Trials

Most Gypsy survivors have not been compensated for the atrocities against them

In 1982 Germany officially acknowledged that there had been a deliberate policy to eliminate Gypsies

There is still widespread persecution of Gypsies in Europe today

Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council launched their new film Porrajmos: the Untold Story of the Gypsy Holocaust on Thursday 26th January 2012 on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day.

The film was made by PDREC’s Gypsy/Traveller Community Worker with two Romany women, and the support of Devon’s Gypsy Roma Traveller Achievement Service and a young film maker.

The film follows the journey of one Romany woman who goes to Auschwitz to find out what happened to Gypsy/Roma people during the Second World War. The film also looks at the language of hatred used about Gypsies in Nazi Germany and draws attention to the language used about Gypsies in Britain today.

The film is 16 minutes long and is designed for use in Secondary Schools. It is relevant to many of the subjects taught in schools including RE, History, Citizenship, PHSE and English.

The film will be released in March 2012. If any schools would like to use this resource, please contact Penny Dane, Community Development Worker, Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council, 14 York Rd, Exeter EX4 6BA. Email: Tel: 07979 838138