TWO Gypsy families say they are “over the moon” after their application for two caravans to settle permanently near Luxulyan was approved.
The site at Conce Moor in Lockengate – midway between Bugle and Bodmin – will also see two brick 18ft by 28ft day rooms built at either caravan.
Cornwall councillors on the central sub-area planning committee voted unanimously in approval of the planning application last Wednesday at County Hall, Truro.
Two halves of the Crowley family will live in each caravan.
The plans were approved despite Luxulyan Parish Council objecting to the application on grounds such as “unwarranted development in the countryside” and a risk of precedent being set for similar unwarranted developments in the future.
No one from the parish council was present at the committee meeting.
The Crowleys said they wanted to set the record straight about any misconceptions arising as a result of the parish council’s claims.
“We have not just moved here, we have lived here a long time. Our husbands have lived here their whole lives and granny has lived here for more than 70 years,” said a member of the family, who did not wish to be named.
“Our children go to the local school and although we want them to know their heritage, we don’t want them or us to be judged just because we are Gypsies.
“We’re ordinary people just like anybody else, we don’t want any trouble. We just want to live our lives now and enjoy the fact we can live close to granny.
“We just wish someone from Luxulyan Parish Council would have come and spoken to us about their concerns.”