“The signatures, which have been sent to Facebook, the UK and Scottish Governments, the Council of Europe and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, were collected by Article 12, a group which supports Travellers.The organisation has already succeeded in removing 40 pages because of offensive statements.”
“A man has appeared in court in relation to the alleged publication of racist material on the social networking site, Facebook. Patrick Kissane (27), of Knockasarnett, Killarney, Co Kerry, is accused of actions likely to stir up hatred. It relates to the setting up of an anti-Traveller Facebook page called ‘Promote the use of knacker babies as bait’.

The site is understood to have attracted 664 fans before it was removed by Facebook last July following a number of complaints. If the case goes ahead, it will mark the first time that anyone has been brought before the courts for publishing online racism”