Despite the Councillors’ fears that St.Keverne might become a ‘hub’ for Travellers, the New Travellers currently living in the quarry were unaware of the Coverack site and the proposed new pitches. Their arrival is coincidence.

From the West Briton

Parish council told of plans for official Travellers’ site

MORE details have emerged of a potential official site for travellers in the Coverack area.

They came at Thursday’s St Keverne Parish Council meeting when there was also concern voiced that the parish could become “a hub” for Travellers.

The remarks came after it was revealed that a group of Travellers has moved onto the Dean quarry site.

The parish has previously taken issue with the presence of a separate group of Travellers’ at a car park in Coverack and fojavascript:void(0)r a time on one of the approaches to St Keverne.

Members were told of plans for six permanent pitches and two temporary ones if an official site is approved.

The meeting also heard that negotiations were taking place with Cornwall Council as part of an overall scheme for Travellers and affordable housing in the village.

But the exact location is not yet being divulged for fear of attracting more travellers to the area.

Earlier in the meeting, Councillor Anthony Richards said Travellers in vans and tents had moved into the former Dean quarry site.

He said: “Presumably they will be evicted in due course,” but he also believed the council should make sure the landowners were aware of the situation.

“We should really push Cornwall Council into completing its Travellers’ site within the parish.”

Councillor Roger Combe questioned how the Travellers had got onto both the car park site a few years ago and now the Dean quarry location.

Councillor Dorothy Kemp said a lot of people living near the quarry site were concerned.

Councillor Bill Frisken also pointed out there had been gates at Dean quarry.

“It would appear Travellers generally have got wind of the fact there are going to be sites provided in this region,” he said. “St Keverne is going to become a hub for travellers.”

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